Monday, February 6

PMGS 2017

Assalamualaikum and Hi ..

Last week, I joined a program 3d 2n organised by PEPIAS. In case u didnt know, PMGS stand for Perkampungan Menara Gading Selangor. Every country in MY have their own PMG kut and KL's PMG was too expensive huhu.

The night before PMG I already feel nervous. Dont asked me why hahaha. All the three days went well and i learnt A LOT from them. I really love the moment when we sing together PMG's theme song like 'i dont want PMGS end plzz' always in my mind.

I learnt that when we do or decide on something, our niat must be Allah first. Then Allah will guide us through our journey. Even on taaruf, kak Ummu remind us about our niat coming to PMG. Every slot they will remind us to Allah , they will refers back to Alquran and sunnah which is very good. Keep our mind positive because there is something good in everything and surround yourself with positive people .

They thought us how to be a good not just good but extremely good college students with goals. You must have 'SMART' goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and last the time frame) . We must have goals so that we will work hard to achieve it. Try not to sleep after fajr and bring book anywhere we go.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, January 19

How To Appreciate Our Family

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

Today I want to share about what can we do to show our appreciation to our family members.

   Firstly you can spend time with them as much as you can.Breakfast and dinner or may be supper together. Make sure no phone and think that its the only time you have to communicate with your family. Share with them all the little things tht happened because small things matter.

  Second, by words such as I Love You , Im Sorry and even Thank you . Its looks like nothing to you when your mom cook your meals or when your dad send you to school but its really meant a lot to them. Its like all their hard work paid off. Some of us feel shy to express our feelings towards them but still you need to overcome your shyness. Just think that what if they are no longer in this world. Some of my friends used to whatsapp or write a letter for their parents. You can try it yourself . Something new might happen huhu.

   For father, they are simple. They dont want much from us. They dont want money we get from our part-time job or buy them a car . They just want we succeed in our life. Make sure you get a good grades so no regrets but if things didnt work out, dont forget to say sorry. Massage them when they arrived home from work and make them coffee or tea with full of love.

  For mother, just do all the house chores. From wash dishes to sweep floor to wash clothes. When they arrived home they wont felt angry at us and their love towards us will grow like there is no tomorrow to show their love anymore.

  For Siblings, buy them food or cook lunch for them, study together, bed-time story and bully them . NEVER gets emotional with them like angry when they make a mess just after we clean the house. LOVE THEM because air dicincang tak akan putus.

Thats the only way I can suggest to show our appreciation towards our family member. Im still trying to be a good daughter and a good sister. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it a LOT .

if you have any other ways to show our appreciation towards them, do comment below. Im too lazy to write more because Im already sleepy

p/s THANKS A LOT for Bat and her friends, Ken, Ali, Dania, Ilias, Aqilah, Nisa, Mai, Farah, Fatin Jaz and her boy friend, Irfan and last, the most helpful person, Erin.

Tuesday, January 17

Late Night Thoughts

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

About today's lesson
Today, i learnt something from Aqilah. She told me to appreciate my family more than my friends. she made me realise that sometimes Im not me in front of my friends. My ego increase when I'm with my family. I didnt want to share something with my younger brother but I did it with my friends.I didnt help my mother more than I help my friend's mathematics problem. I didnt share my problem with my sister but i do share with my bestfriend.

So I think I should start tomorrow because Im going to sleep after I write this hehe

you know family comes first right