Thursday, January 5

Blogging again !


I started blogging since standard 6 ( guess im so bored after UPSR ) . After a year and half I stopped maybe because I dont have idea or my spirit gone.sampaila I lupa password and email my old blog.

here's the link of my old blog ;

barai gila but I cant delete it.

So now I am starting spirit come after big exam kut hahaha

The reason why I want to start blogging again is because I want to express my opinion about health,love,sosial and others. There is something in everyday.When I went to work, I love to observe why this kind of thing happen. Contohnya kenapa dia bawa motor takde signal. There must be a reasonkan btw tu contoh je.

I will try my best to write a new entry every week because maybe I need some research or interview people hahaha

kalau minggu depan takde entry maksudnya saya hangat2 tahi ayam


p/s big thanks to Ali and Erin :)

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