Tuesday, January 17

Late Night Thoughts

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

About today's lesson
Today, i learnt something from Aqilah. She told me to appreciate my family more than my friends. she made me realise that sometimes Im not me in front of my friends. My ego increase when I'm with my family. I didnt want to share something with my younger brother but I did it with my friends.I didnt help my mother more than I help my friend's mathematics problem. I didnt share my problem with my sister but i do share with my bestfriend.

So I think I should start tomorrow because Im going to sleep after I write this hehe

you know family comes first right


  1. wah! your update really make me realise something that I always have my family support instead friends, thanks for uodating & pls keep updating ya! <3

  2. Betul kdg2 mmg awkward tapi kene buang semua tuu, lebih baik mula dari awal . Kalau tak nnti dah besar lagi susah

  3. May you be a good daughter to yr parents yah! :)